We are getting some questions asking us to draw clearer distinctions between The Chairman’s Campaign, our ongoing Membership Campaign, and the Fund the Plan Effort that is now happening all over the USA.

Here is a simple graphic illustrating how these fit together, taken from Jim Boswell’s Foundation Builders presentation at the February 2011 Business meeting. Explanation below.

Fundraising Structure

Fund the Plan
Fund the Plan (FTP) is a major one time fundraising effort to help the ManKind Project carry out a structural reorganization and professionalization plan put in place in 2010. Fund the Plan is raising $400,000 in combined gifts from major donors, communities across the United States, and pooled individual contributions. Until March 31st we have the opportunity to receive $.50 on the dollar matching grants from a generous donor’s matching offer of $50,000. Right now our primary goal is to Fund the Plan, and every bit helps. Read the Donor Prospectus. View Our Progress.

the Annual Chairman’s Campaign
The Chairman’s Campaign is a once a year phone-a-thon that occurs in the fall, where a number of men gather in a center and make calls to MKP-USA members across the country and invite them to make a donation to the project. This is like a Public Radio fund-drive. The Chairman’s Campaign supports the ongoing work of the ManKind Project and has been used to help fund special projects (like IT Development!).

the Membership Campaign
The Membership campaign is an ongoing effort to create a steady stream of funding for the ManKind Project USA and to build a culture of Membership in the organization. All men going through the NWTA in the United States are given a first year’s Membership. Membership is voluntary and support based … you become a member because you support the mission of the ManKind Project – “We create a safer world, by growing better men. We do this by training men and supporting them in circles.” Successful not-for-profit organizations use a Membership model to facilitate the creation of effective communications cycles and to insure level funding when shifts in attendance at tuition-based programs fluctuates.

Foundation Builders
The Foundation Builders program is a part of the ongoing Membership Campaign and seeks to create a solid base of monthly $25 donations from members to help MKP develop long term sustainability. Foundation builders is in early roll-out phase at this time, and will be launched at the conclusion of the Fund the Plan Initiative.

If you have other questions about our Fundraising Efforts, please email.

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