The Lion and The Bear

USA • Greater Carolinas

Gareth Higgins

2018, Ron Hering Awards

“I co-create a peaceful world by leading and nurturing communities who learn and share a better story.”

Gareth is a storyteller and peace-builder from Northern Ireland who has made his home in the US for the last decade.  He is the founder of multiple festivals (Wild Goose, Movies and Meaning, and The New Story) all emphasizing the intersection of art, spirituality, and social justice — creating communities for how we might live a better story.  He is the author of several books, most recently a children’s book entitled “Cory and the Seventh Story” that teaches foundational concepts for peace-building and non-violence. He founded the Porch Magazine for folks hungry for a hopeful vision of the world. He leads trips back to his birthplace, to introduce US Americans to his peace-builder friends who are bridging a social and cultural divide after the 30-year violent conflict in the north of Ireland.  The primary goal of these trips is to invite US Americans to return home and to connect with folks across lines of difference. Along with his husband, Gareth leads a monthly storytelling night focused on sustaining members of the community in a time of great cultural divisiveness.

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