Papa Gorilla
USA • San Diego

Adam Abelardo Gettinger-Brizuela

2011, Ron Hering Awards

I create a world of nurtured children and empowered adults by educating myself and passing on the knowledge to others.

Adam began his journey as a grassroots community organizer as a 15 year-old high school student. Forty years later, he is still committed to addressing social inequalities.

After enduring devastating challenges in his own life, including losing his children and then slipping into mental illness and addiction, he came back to life, earning a graduate degree with honors. He has confronted social inequalities against people of color, migrant workers, ex-offenders, chemically-dependent persons, the GLBTQ community and those with co- occurring conditions. A father, grandfather,New Warrior, counselor and the founder of POPS, the Paternal Opportunities, Programs & Services organization in San Diego, Adam has most recently taken on a leadership role in the men’s and fathers’ rights and responsibilities movement in California.

POPS provides direct services to fathers and helps them reunite with their children. Adam is a founding member of the San Diego Fatherhood Network and serves on its Executive Team. A consultant and trainer on men’s issues he has been called to Sacramento to advise state planners on social policy toward men.

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