Building the Global Movement of Men’s Work

More men, in more circles, in more countries.


Pictured here is the first India New Warrior Training Adventure, held in Pune early in 2017. There will be another NWTA in Pune in late 2017. Mexico just held its third NWTA. A small group of men in Eastern Europe is making plans to launch an NWTA in 2018. There is an active I-Group in Israel and plans to hold the first NWTA in Israel are coming into focus. This is only the beginning.

Men who experience the transformative power of brotherhood get lit up! They are inspired. Men want to make the world better for all of us by doing the difficult work of waking up, growing up, and showing up. The process of creating a ManKind Project Region is a multistep process that takes several years, beginning with groups of men traveling to other locations to take the NWTA, forming men’s groups and beginning to get trained for facilitation, and reaching out to the international brotherhood to begin a dialog about becoming a forming region.

The ManKind Project International Circle and the Global Support Services Team want to know if you’re ready to open MKP in a new country. If you are a man with language skills, connections in a country where there is not an established MKP presence, and the capacity to give of your time and resources to support this global movement, make sure we know who you are, please complete the form below.

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