Open Hearted Hawk

USA • Wisconsin


Gregory Gardner

2020, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a healthy and powerful world by speaking my truth and affirming others.”

Greg’s mission supports the belief that all people are deserving of care of respect. Greg provides medical and dental care to remote and underserved populations. Since retiring, he undertakes regular dental mission trips: to Jamaica, with the Rotary Club, to Peru with Flying Doctors of America, and to Honduras with the MEDICO organization. In the US Greg works with the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin providing care to a population who have trouble affording care, are homeless, are affected with addictions or mental illness, or are otherwise stigmatized by their HIV status.  Greg completed his initiation in 1997. MKP provided Greg tools to live authentically and with integrity as a gay man. Coming out later in life, he now encourages others to live fully regardless of labels or conditions. Dentistry is just one vehicle to engage, affirm and uplift people. Greg has been active in an I-group since his initiation, is an LIT with 22 staffings, and is currently Wisconsin’s I-group coordinator.

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