Tiger Hymn

South Africa • Cape Town

Heinrich Reisenhofer

2018, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of sacred wholeness and presence through awakening and empowering.” 

Coach/Shamanic Facilitator/Theatre Maker/Activist.  Heinrich is the creator and director of the highly successful theatre production and movement #JustMen which was inspired by his participation in the MKP Warrior Weekend. #JustMen is an raw, honest and empowering multi-lingual, docu-drama performed by four South African men from diverse backgrounds who tell their own stories and take a stand against the epidemic of gender based violence in South Africa. For the last twenty five years Heinrich has been working with story healing both as an award-winning theatre director and now as a transformation coach and shamanic facilitator. He is passionate about  empowering people to awaken healing, higher connection and workability between genders, cultures and religions. His main focus is empowering men to rediscover their scared masculine purpose and to take responsibility for transforming critical issues such as gender based violence and climate change. 

To find out more: www.heinrichreisenhofer.com/justmen.htm

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