Curious Monkey
Canada • Ontario

Henk Ketelaars

2017, Ron Hering Awards

“To Live my life authentically.”

For 14 years, he ran the every Sunday evening “Seekers” where speakers covered “some aspect” of spirituality. Being involved in municipal politics, he was a main cog to get bike paths onto the city streets of London Ontario, Canada. He is a caregiver for his partner, and a physical and emotional healer. Henk is a man who strives to be authentic in all aspects of his life. He constantly seeks to become aware of himself in relation to the rest of the world he exists in. He shares his insights with anyone who welcomes in his abilities, to assist and move the individual to a better place in that person’s world. He works with Spirit/intuition in his awareness of life and the ability of all persons, to attain a higher level of appreciation and personal functionality in each of our lives.

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