Iyanla Vanzant & Oprah Winfrey,

I know you’re serious about making a difference. I am too.
You’re getting ready to do a show on men raised without fathers – and you’ve made a connection to the ManKind Project in Chicago to get audience members. That’s fantastic!

I want to offer an additional opportunity! Help men find face-to-face opportunities to build healthy male community. Send them to the ManKind Project. We’re here to help men find a men’s group or a training – to help them take the big steps they are longing to take.

Boysen Hodgson

For me, Boysen, this is personal. I’ve been doing this work for over 8 years with men and I have not only experienced incredible changes in my own life, but I have seen amazing transformations in the lives of so many good men; becoming better fathers and partners, better friends and community members. With the tragedies happening across the nation, NOW is the time to shine a light that men and women can look to for support. I hope you will consider connecting with us.

About the ManKind Project:

Men mentoring men through all the passages of their lives.

For almost three decades, the ManKind Project (MKP) has been providing opportunities for men to grow. We help build the accountable, compassionate, and emotionally intelligent role models that our communities so desperately need. We help men find their own brilliance. Men from all walks of life mentor and support one another in men’s groups and on intensive weekend trainings in eight regions around the world, with over 30 communities right here in the United States. Nearly 10,000 men every week are sitting in free, confidential peer-support groups sponsored by the ManKind Project.

EVERY DAY – we’re out here supporting each other and nurturing our communities.
We’re here! And we’re making a difference in the lives of men and boys that ripples through communities around the world.

We’re ready for the next man. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Visit: www.mankindproject.org. Call the our national Communications Office at 800-870-4611.

MKP is nonprofit 501(c)(3), non-partisan, and not affiliated with any religious practice. We strive to be diverse and inclusive for all kinds of men. We support and partner with several organizations for women, including Woman Within International.

Thank you for your gifts and mission in the world,

Boysen Hodgson

Communications and Marketing Director, MKP USA
email: communications@mkpusa.org
skype: boysen.hodgson
office: 413-241-7119

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