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Ian Solomon & the Brother Wolf Project

2022, Ron Hering Awards

“I co-create a vibrant, passionate and conscious world by growing awareness, working with ritual, igniting entrepreneurship and keeping my heart open.”

On election day, 8 May 2019, Ian’s friend David Wolframm was hijacked and murdered by 2 young men from Ocean View. It was a brutal act of violence that robbed a young family of their father and a powerful agent of change in the community. It also inspired a healing process in the Deep South that has been profound. On the beach that day, Ian made a commitment to explore how Head, Heart & Soul (HH&S) work with the youth of Jamestown and TSiBA University could make a difference for young men in Ocean View. 

Ian and 4 I-Group brothers (Graeme, Ivan, Alistair and Ryan) gathered with 5 men from Ocean View (Elroy, Paul, Ricardo, Dimitre and Colbe) to participate in an NWTA October ‘21, kickstarting the Brother Wolf Project. Soon more men joined; Edwin in March ‘22, Vasco, Benson, and Raymond in October ‘22, Heath, Ludfie, and Edraine in November 22. In May this group of 17 men will facilitate a HH&S training for young men of Ocean View. The Ocean View men will soon lead these trainings so that the work will flourish and grow for generations to come. We believe that this model can be replicated in communities across South Africa, enabling the powerful work of MKP to reach our marginalised communities.


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