Big Bear with Boy
USA • Mid-America Area

James E. Boswell, Jr.

2017, Ron Hering Awards

“As a man among men, to create a more loving and caring world by Fathering.”

Jim is very active in MKP-KY and he is deeply involved in his community. He serves on several community non-profit boards. He is working with his community church to provide dinner once a week for this community and others in need. He works with the drug and alcohol recovery community to support and guide newcomers or those that still struggle. He is retired and a father of 6 and grandfather to 12, and is involved by sharing his experience, strength and hope for the future. He served as the MKP-KY President for two terms and was on the MKP-USA Council for two years. Jim was the originator of the MKP Foundation Builders program and the first Membership chair for MKP-USA.

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