Courageous Wild Tree Fox

USA • Heartland

James Mayfield Smith

2019, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of BreakThrough Moments by opening my heart, sharing my gifts, and following my dreams.

James has built a career on the work he learned in MKP, which he has followed up with intensive work in somatics, shadow work, shamanic breathwork, shamanic counseling, voice dialogue, inner parts work, inner child work, applied mythology, and more.

James co-leads an annual initiatory Wildman Gathering in the mountains near Asheville, NC, with an MKP Warrior brother and 3 other powerful leaders of men’s work. At the Wildman Gathering, one of James’ roles is to create and tell a new epic tale each year, based on ancient initiatory myths, that becomes the story thread throughout the weekend, much as the Iron John tale serves for the NWTA.

He also serves elementary school students within a classroom setting. James has a 29 year old son, Andrew, who was initiated into MKP at age 18, and an 18 year old daughter, Ella, who is a light. She is an inspiration for him to make the world safer by working with men to recover and heal their own wounded inner Little Boy, rather than act out their hurts upon the world, as he did during his dark night of the soul prior to his own NWTA.

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