Strong Bull & Urban Healer on Wild Horse
USA • Wisconsin

James Mosley & Floyd Rowell

2017, Ron Hering Awards

James and Floyd are facilitators at the Alma Center.  The Alma Center works with men who’ve been convicted of a domestic violence offense.  They have extensive healing and treatment programs for them. They each work many evenings facilitating classes, in fact Floyd had a six month stretch in which he never took a day off, and some nights slept over at the Alma Center!!  Men who go through their programs are 86% less likely to reoffend!! James is a mentor to men in many other avenues in addition to the Alma Center. Floyd is in the running for “40 under 40” in Milwaukee. He was also a core member of the MKP USA / Alma Center Cycling Team in 2014’s RAGBRAI – as a brand new cyclist.

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