Sensuous Monk
Canada • Ontario



Jay Kassirer

2021, Ron Hering Awards

“I co-create a sustainable world by loving and empowering myself and others.”

For 25 years, Jay has trained and supported governments, NGOs and business leaders worldwide to plan and evaluate programs that empower people to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. He publishes the largest collection of publicly available full-length case studies of such programs and manages three peer review panels that designate best-in-class ones. He helped found the field’s professional associations (ISMA/SMANA) and is a reviewer for its main journal (SMQ.) He first led personal empowerment trainings (“Experience Weeks”) in the early 80’s while on staff at the Findhorn Foundation, Scotland. Jay has supported and empowered people worldwide to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. Jay was born in Ottawa, where he currently lives with his wife Rita. He has five children/step-children. Jay enjoys harmonizing and playing guitar and performs with Rita at a weekly Open Stage.


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