Runnin’ Turtle
Upstate New York USA

Jeff Fitts

2014, Ron Hering Awards

“I help boys and girls grow into powerful men and women by creating emotionally healthy families.”

Jeff Fitts was a founding member of Boys To Men of Upstate New York.  Active from 2005–2010, he served as Administrator, Registrar, and Mentor. Locally, 54 mentors were trained by recalling their own Teenage Fire, 35 boys and teens became Young Ravens or Journeymen in 3 weekends modeled after NWTA, and all were supported in bi-monthly gatherings.  Jeff continues to mentor a 17-year-old inner-city teen. He recently moved into his 90-year-old father’s home after his father suffered a stroke, along with his wife Sarah and her 86-year-old mother; both of whom would otherwise require institutional care. 

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