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Jeremy Byard

2021, Ron Hering Awards

“To create an equitable world by empowering others, by being passionate, open minded, and vulnerable.”

Jeremy Byard is a veteran and a visionary who is a passionate advocate devoted to ensuring our community has equitable access to high quality, evidence-based solutions, and services. Byard has expertise in organizing and building Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care, implementation of evidence-based interventions, legislative advocacy, arts-based participatory community-based activism, and research. 

Jeremy Byard is the founder and director of KY’s first Louisville Recovery Community Organization (LRCC.) Jeremy recognized the gap in support and advocacy services and launched this endeavor in 2019. The LRCC is a safe and inclusive space for all and is a hub of resources for our most vulnerable members of our community and serves over 15,000 individuals annually. The Organization has brought forth multiple programs including KY’s first mobile telehealth unit, distributed over 1000 Covid tests, hosted 3 Covid vaccination events, provided 6,000 meals to the homeless, given over 37K hygiene and survival items to the homeless and hosted many more events to the marginalized in Louisville. Jeremy’s organization provided 3000 Narcon doses and he personally performed 7 OD reversals. LRCC has a budget of $500K and operates with 4 staff, 2 interns and many volunteers. Jeremy lives out his mission every day by empowering others and he has built a multicultural organization which continues to grow. Byard has been a key stakeholder in recent legislation resulting in positive change to our criminal justice system. 

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