Seabiscuit the Horse
USA • St. Louis

Jim Howard

2016, Ron Hering Awards

“To create a world of hope by coaching and inspiring men to make life giving choices.”

For 25 years Jim has stepped forward to lead in this community and  MKP. Jim is one of a small group of men that co-founded the St. Louis MKP. He has been a certified co-leader, National Elder Chair, staff man at numerous NW Trainings, staff member at Folsom Prison trainings, and active leader is virtually all aspects of developing the St. Louis community. Beyond MKP Jim has co-created and lead numerous other retreats for men and women, has given years of service to the recovery community, and made several volunteer trips to assist the survivors of disasters in Haiti. Jim is a Therapist, 77 years old, married to Barbara for 57 years. Father of Lisa, Angela, Amie, Jennifer, Jim, Molly, Julie and John. A grateful recovering Alcoholic.


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