Free Falcon the Sky Dreamer

USA • Wisconsin

Joel Burbach

2018, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a more connected universe by closely listening to others and myself.”

Joel has been active in the Buffalo Township and Marquette County Board Meetings, with one focus being providing better conditions for the County EMS units. He’s active in local school board meetings and with the AL Ringling Theater Board in Baraboo. He has supported the Growing Power organization in Milwaukee. Joel is active in The Garver Project, a complete renovation of an old grainery adjacent to the Ohlbrich Botanical Gardens. He is the principal developer of “The Arts” space within the project, which will serve both artists and the community.  Joel lives his mission on a more earthly level by championing 6 acres of organic land in Marquette County next to the John MuirPark, creating the best possible world for both flora and fauna. He was born in January 1952 and grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. In 1975 he co-Founded a Peppermint and Spearmint Project and founded the Artesian Water Company 10 years later. He shares his life with his beautiful and inspiring partner Bettina Maldini. 

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