Morning Sun on Water
Canada • Alberta

John Crier

2017, Ron Hering Awards

John has been mentoring men in the Maskwacis Community (Indigenous Cree of Alberta, Canada)  to step into their power, mentoring men into Elder roles in the community, corrections, and in ceremony. John has been leading ceremony and speaking in many events including the open ceremonies for city events in Red Deer and Wetaskiwin.  He also has been working with the facility of indigenous studies as an Elder holding ceremonies for the University of Alberta. To list every event that John has stepped into would be hard to list as he is so humble about his give away. When you sit in ceremony and hear the people talk about his generosity and connection to ceremony that you know what he has done for the people. John has also lead many rites of passage weekends for young people and show them a way of living a good life in ceremony.

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