Medicine Coyote

USA • Philadelphia Area

John Eichmann

2019, Ron Hering Awards

“My mission is to co-create a world of love and understanding , through learning and teaching love and compassion.

John was initiated in the Philadelphia Community in October 2013. He is an active member of the Board of Trustees and the Board of Directors at his local AA clubhouse and has been in service there since 2012. John works to help struggling alcoholics get sober and pick up the pieces of their broken lives. John has been active in SWET (Spiritual Warfare Effectiveness Training), which is a brother organization to The ManKind Project as well as an initiation weekend like the NWTA, since 2012.

He is now a member of the Board of Directors for SWET. John is also a founder and leader of the Thursday Night Warrior’s Circle in Frankford, an open men’s group that has helped many men who were addicted to drugs and alcohol heal from trauma and aided in their recovery. John is a husband and father, which he describes as his favorite form of service.

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