Leaping Dolphin

USA • San Diego

John Marsden

2020, Ron Hering Awards

“The sunshine of my love shines through when I believe myself and show my tender heart.”

Since 2014 John has made leadership in the Boy Scouts of America his mission of service. Years of direct leadership as Scoutmaster created space for 80-100 youth “to fail safely, develop leadership skills and gain skills to function in the world as a productive member of society.” Additionally, he served on staff for National Jamboree and World Jamboree, ensuring a safe environment for 2000 scouts. Through BSA, John enjoys mentoring young boys and girls in their growth to becoming productive members of society. John used his MKP skill set to create a “safer place for other men and women to be authentic and grow.” John also owns a corporate safety training company where he directly incorporates MKP core values into his training syllabus: taking responsibility for your own safety, helping others to stay safe, showing up to do the right thing, taking accountability for what you do.  He has been married to his wife, Jackie for over 29 years.

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