“If not you, who?”
                      Hillel the Elder
Mike Elser here. If you don’t know me yet, learn more at my bio.

There are many wonderful organizations in the world.  Organizations that help the poor; organizations that provide disaster relief; organizations that help the sick and injured.  The world desperately needs everything these organizations have to offer offer – and more.  While we must support these organizations and the work they do, there is something else we must do if we are to actually create a better world.  We must evolve as men and women to a higher level of maturity and consciousness. We must wake up and we must grow up!

For men, The ManKind Project is the only organization I know of that provides the transformational training experiences and the followup support structure required for men to make permanent, positive changes in their lives.  MKP supports men in growing up and waking up to the real problems and opportunities in the world.

I did the New Warrior Training Adventure seven years ago and became an initiated man; a man initiated into the work it takes to wake up and grow up.  I continue to do my work in circles of men.  However, I am also convinced that we need to bring this gift of men’s work and the ManKind Project to the world – for my children and grandchildren and yours.  As an initiated man I decided to take the NEXT step and join the movement called MKP USA and bring MKP to the world.  I decided to stand up and become a member too.

I was asked serve and I said, “yes.”   
I am asking YOU to serve with me.  

TOGETHER we can change the world one man at a time.  Together, we can have a world where men are expected to grow up and wake up.  Together, we can have a world where men have ready access to the training and support necessary.  None of us can do it alone. It will take ALL of us.

If we are to succeed it will take the committed time, effort, and talents of each one of us.  I am asking you to serve by doing your work in your men’s circle; serve by stepping up to a leadership role in your community; serve by working on a task team at the national level; serve by standing up for men’s work by becoming a member.

Join me in bringing MKP to the world.



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