Grief Walker

Canada • Ontario

Justin Tilson

2019, Ron Hering Awards

“I create intentional communities that foster connections and the evolution of mind, body, and spirit. I do this by passionately living my truth and inviting others to live theirs.

Justin was born on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada. At the age of 21 his life was abruptly and permanently altered following a traumatic spinal cord injury. This started him on a path of healing, growth, purpose, connection and community building.

Justin has crafted a way to evolve his world around his vision of being an active participant in the change upon this planet that he sees necessary, through community building, permaculture and societal motivation.

He had run for elected office with the Green Party of Ontario to test the waters of accessing a greater audience to continue his wish to improve the world through collaboration with other like-minded people. With his determination to not let the limits of one’s abilities be decided by past events and beliefs each day holds possibilities with no limits.

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