Trusting Tiger

USA • Mid America Area, Central Great Lakes



Justin VanBuskirk

2021, Ron Hering Awards

“I co-create a safe environment for myself and others to authentically heal, express and thrive.”

Justin has been living his mission by focusing his efforts on helping others take care of their overall health, and helping victims in crisis, particularly after storms in December 2021 in the Midwest USA. Activities Justin has been involved in to live his Mission… Justin has undertaken considerable training over the past 2 years through the CHEK Institute to increase his skills and certification as a holistic healer. Soon after his most recent training session, he volunteered to help staff a wellness / empowerment training where he contributed significantly from his MKP background.  He has personally invited well over a dozen men as guests to our Soaring Men I-Group, several of whom have become long-standing members. He has been an active member in two local I-Groups in West Michigan; the Soaring Men of Grand Rapids as well as the Men of Laughing Waters of Kalamazoo. He partnered with another man in Cleveland to launch a Young Warriors virtual I-Group that meets 2x / month, with members from multiple states. This year he took the on-line IGFT training. He also attended Facilitation Skills workshops offered by our group both in-person and on-line, as well as Carpet Workshops; where he has consistently stepped up to practice / strengthen his facilitation skills. Finally, on his way back from a road trip to the western states, Justin simply decided to plan a course back home via Mayfield, KY which was one of the worst devastated communities hit by a recent tornado. Justin is contributing both his considerable mechanical / construction skills to help the recovery there, as well as his compassionate support for the people there who are in need. Both the Soaring Men and Men of Laughing Waters contributed $500 each to support Justin in his efforts.


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