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“I help co-create a peaceful and loving world by listening to, acknowledging and empowering the inner child of children and adults.”

Ken finds opportunities to mentor boys and men using his medical and educational skills. He actively volunteered in Scouting organizations, and several public school settings. He volunteered in multiple community choirs and was on the board of directors for the Spirituals Project Choir – a Denver University organization to preserve the music of enslaved Africans through musical and social justice work. He offered free personal life-coaching and hypnotherapy and worked with Autistic children as the director of the Sensory Learning Institute of Boulder. He taught courses in Relationship Coaching, Voice Dialogue and Four Direction Gateway Coaching.

Ken graduated Rutgers with a BS in Chemistry and BS in Marine Biology, Medical School in Rome, Italy, completing a Residency in Orthopedic Surgery, and practiced 25 years in Denver. He initiated in 1997, staffed 32 times, and has been the Elder Chair of Colorado for 5 years.


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