Ancient Hawk
Houston, South Central, USA

Ken Rogers

2012, Ron Hering Awards

2nd honoree for working to bring Action in the World to his Center

Ken is a member, leader, and elder of Men in Mission, an organization of more than four thousand men in the Houston area. Men in Mission helps men from all walks of life to become better fathers, sons, husbands, employees, leaders, and servants. Because of Ken’s influence, men throughout Houston and places across the country have turned away from drugs, crime, infidelity, gambling, abuse, and poverty to embrace lives of integrity and service. In recent years, Ken has turned his attention to building Men in Mission into a strong service organization. Under his leadership, men are now serving others across the city of Houston – at soup kitchens, churches, homeless shelters, and wherever volunteers are needed. To many, many men in Houston, Ken is a hero, a father figure, a mentor, and an incredible model of what we can all become.

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