Open Hearted Wolf
Los Angeles, USA

Mariano Rabino

2012, Ron Hering Awards

”I co-create a loving caring world by growing as much love within myself and cultivating that in the world!”

For over 8 years Mariano has taken an active role in the lives of 50 kindergarten, first and second graders at an inner city Los Angeles school. In addition to appearances during special holidays to read to the children, he comes bearing gifts of “Trick or Treat” bags, flashlights, books and candy. He spends time reading books, he accompanies them on field trips and talking with the children and makes them feel as if they are the most important children in the world. Mariano also volunteered for Project Angel Food. His gift to the community is his ability to connect with those he serves, children and adult alike, on a very personal and sincere level providing support and encouragement.


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