Gentle Dragon
USA • Florida

Michael Broas

2017, Ron Hering Awards

“To create a world of open hearts and deep connection.”

As the primary counselor at the Florida School of Massage, Michael has been a mentor, friend and inspiration to hundreds of students completing their massage therapy program. He also offers an elective for men, introducing principles of men’s work. As a Vietnam combat veteran, Michael has been an inspiration, offering talks at the local VA hospital, and institutions in the Gainesville area. He helps people understand the wounding that happens to our young men and women in service to our country. He has returned to Vietnam 6 times, using his skills as a bodyworker, spending time with many children and adults that have been ravaged by the effects of Agent Orange, a defoliant that the U.S. used in the war. He has also had the privilege to work on some of the North Vietnamese army veterans, his former enemy. These connections have been instrumental in his own healing process.


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