USA • Northwest


Michael Dreiling

2020, Ron Hering Awards

“I restore connection between the heart and mind by nurturing the wounds of my heart and relinquishing falsehoods of the mind, and in doing this I become an expression of Spirit’s wisdom on Earth.”

Dreiling lives his mission within himself, in his parenting and marriage, in his teaching, research and creative works, and in his service to community. In healing and reconciling his own wounds, he has spent 25 years studying, teaching, and communicating peace and nonviolence. His work now reaches tens of thousands of people in several countries. In addition to his award-winning filmmaking, teaching and research at the University of Oregon, he has co-founded several nonprofit organizations committed to nonviolence and social justice. 

When courage is in short supply, Dreiling steps up. He sticks his neck out there for love, justice, and sincerity. As a father, he loves deeply and teaches integrity. Students regard him as enthusiastic and wise. Scholars in his field acknowledge his cutting-edge approaches and ideas. Audiences in a dozen countries have been inspired by his film and moved to better understand the conditions for peace in our world. He lives in Eugene, Oregon with three children and his partner Yvonne.



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