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South Africa • Johannesburg



Mish Middelmann

2021, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of love and creative fulfillment by loving, connecting and empowering myself and others.”

As a prostate cancer survivor Mish’s service to the world is a unique online global support group and website for men who had their prostate removed, and their loved ones. Mish started as a successful IT entrepreneur who thereafter crafted his own leadership coaching business. He is a past National Director of MKP South Africa and currently a revered Elder.

Mish is a prostate cancer survivor serving the world by building a unique global community for former prostate owners and their loved ones. Mish’s 2019 diagnosis of prostate cancer was followed by a radical prostatectomy that rocked the core of his manhood. He found no prostate cancer centres for men, little useful information online, and lots of reluctance to talk about issues like erectile dysfunction. He felt lonely and saw an opportunity for the radical openness and mutual support pioneered by MKP. So Mish launched the “Recovering Man” website telling his own story candidly, week by week, and gathering stories of other men and their partners at He created a global support group meeting live online for men of all sexual orientations to talk deeply and openly about personal prostate cancer and sexual health experiences. The number of enthusiastic and thankful participants grows every month. The next step will be to train facilitators to create local support groups across the world. 

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