Bob and Deb Oser

On December 10, 2011 Robert Oser was re-elected to the role of Vice Chairman for the ManKind Project USA Board for another year of service.

You can read Bob’s full resume and statement: CLICK HERE

Why I’m Standing

I would not be standing for this position were it not for three things. First, I continue to have the complete support of my wife of 25+ years, Deb, to do so. She has been very supportive throughout my MKP career and is well aware of the commitment of time that will be required to execute the duties of Vice Chair.

Second, I continue to have the passion, energy, and love of this work, as well as the good health that allows me to pursue this work. Some three years ago I told my Kentucky community that the work MKP does has become my life’s work. Since I am no longer working in the business world, I have the luxury of and desire to devote 100% of my time to MKP endeavors. I have also seen the enormous benefits and rewards of this work – in me, in my community, and in all my relationships.

Third, we have a lot of unfinished business within MKP-USA and I would like to stay around another year and help complete that unfinished business. I talk about what I feel are unfinished areas in item number seven below.

Congratulations Bob! Thank you for continuing your deep investment in the mission of the ManKind Project USA. Robert Powell also stood for this role, and stood in support of Bob Oser when the council voted to support Oser. Thank you Robert Powell.

Listen to the full election process as facilitated by Martin Marks.

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