White Fox

USA • Central Plains

Monte and Theresa Brent

2018, Ron Hering Awards

“My mission is to create a loving, caring and compassionate world by giving encouragement and respect.”

Monte and his wife Theresa, who passed away one year and four months ago,  have a blended family of six children. Together, they started a JUNIOR DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM encouraging kids 5-18 years of age to ride bicycles to enhance health, self-motivation and confidence. There is also an opportunity to meet new friends locally and nationally. The program teaches kids how to show up in the world: “Your best is your best.” All of this helps Monte as the sole parent for their six children (including Theresa’s three children who also lost their father). Three are in middle school, two are in high school and one is a preschooler. Bicycling was and is their passion, sharing it with their children and other children is Monte’s  mission.

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