Loving Lion



Navid Modiri

2020, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of truth and love by being authentic.”

Engaged in men’s work since 2013, Navid launched a virtual support programme in 2020 for Swedish men – Supportive Brother (SB). SB is motivated by a desire to have a positive effect on men’s mental health by providing a supportive forum in which isolation is broken and development supported. About 500 men have taken part in SB meetings, and roughly 250 men are members of a Facebook group. SB is now also offering free training sessions for men who want to lead more men’s groups as well as supporting the growth of member-led special interest groups. 

Navid also mentors three upper secondary students who have started a Supportive Brother programme for their own age group. He initiated the award of Swedish Men of the Year, International Man’s day. 

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