From the MKP USA Chair, David Bauerly:

First Staff Meeting - Click to see a larger image: (top) Martin Marks, David Lang (bottom) James Dougherty; Financial Officer, Greg Gondron; Operations, Michael Bailey; Bookkeeper, Keith Jarvis; Admin Director, John Bacon; IT Director, Boysen Hodgson; Communications Director

Our new Executive Director for MKP USA, David Lang, is on the job. Aug 1st was his first day and I could not be more thrilled.

Another great opportunity for us to celebrate! Too often I get caught up in the work ahead and what needs to be done. Sometimes I need to remember to celebrate our victories! Again, a big thank you goes out to Martin Marks for stepping in as our Interim Executive Director.

We are on the move towards growing up into a more mature, more professional organization. We have professionalized our financial world, we added a professional IT man, raised 400K of dedicated funds that we are just now spending a few dollars from to make some more professional moves forward.

Thanks men, the support and good will is contagious.

David Bauerly
MKP-USA chair

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