The MKP USA Board of Directors is seeking men to serve on the Board, filling seats which are being vacated on 12-31-2012.

Positions are: Chair Elect, Treasurer, Secretary, three (3) two-year At-Large Member board seats, and a single (1) one-year At-Large Member seat.

These positions are elected by the MKP-USA Council.

All At-Large positions and the Chair Elect are voting members of the Board.

Attached are Job Descriptions for Board member, Treasurer (one year term) and Secretary (one year term)..

A short description of the responsibilities of the Chair Elect are at the end of this announcement.

Self-nominations are welcome. If you nominate another man please secure his permission and confirm his willingness to serve in the position if elected. The period of nominations is open with this announcement and until the time of the election which is set for the next MKP-USA Council meeting on Dec 7 & 8, 2012.

Persons nominated will be invited to complete a short Candidate’s Resume which gives the nominated man the opportunity to share his thoughts on specific questions that will enable the MKP USA Council to gain familiarity and connection with the man nominated.

Although nominations are encouraged well in advance of the Meeting, floor nominations will be accepted during the Floor Nominations Process of the election at the meeting.

Send nominations to David Bauerly at as soon as possible. Please include:

  • Nominee’s Name
  • Animal Name
  • Date of Initiation
  • Home Center
  • Mission, Shadow Mission
  • Brief professional qualifications
  • Positions of MKP responsibility or service to MKP at the Center, Project, or International level
  • Brief statement about why you are standing for the position.

Chair elect job description:

The MKP USA Chair Elect is the Board Director who accepts assignments from the Chair to assist him in carrying out his responsibilities.  The Chair Elect shall, during his term, prepare himself, with the support of the MKP USA Board, for assuming the Chair at the next election or, as specified in paragraph 2.7 of these Bylaws, upon a vacancy in the Chair.

Regards and many blessings,

David Bauerly
Immediate Past Chair
Cell 712-203-8884

Job Description Secretary of the Board of Directors 2012

Board of directors job Commitments

Job Description Treasurer of the Board of Directors 2012

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