USA • San Diego Area



Octavio C. Leal

2021, Ron Hering Awards

“I co-create a world of love and peace by not judging, listening, and by being patient.”

Octavio is a caring, peaceful, hardworking, and a reliable man. He makes a difference in this world by being at service in his community, at church, in his career, with his family, and by volunteering at non-profit organizations. He works as a Counselor at Cuyamaca college helping justice involved and justice impacted students. Before Covid he volunteered at RJ Donavan Prison in the prison transition education program. Additionally, he is a volunteer with the San Diego Boys to Men mentorship program. Octavio completed his MKP Warrior weekend in May 2010 in San Diego, California. He is at service at his twelve-step meeting at Eastlake Church and is the sponsor coordinator for this group. He is also involved with MKP-Warrior of Color United (WOCU) to support other men with their personal growth process and to make a positive impact in our society. Octavio Leal is an educator that helps students throughout their educational journey. He is married and has two young adult children. He is a Latino man and was born in San Diego, California. He likes to travel and to go camping with his family and friends.

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