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from Mike Elser, MKP USA Chairman. 

We encourage our MKP USA Members and New Warriors across the ManKind Project to make a donation, give blood, and volunteer with the Red Cross in this critical time in the northeast United States.  Your donation now can make a huge difference for those in need.

Our hearts go out to the millions of people impacted by the by the devastation created by Hurricane Sandy.

There are hundreds of New Warriors in communities affected by the storm working to get back on their feet, and there are many others helping their neighbors begin the difficult work of clean-up. We also know that men across the country are already doing what New Warriors do so well, holding space and offering emotional support when it is needed most.

What does it mean to be a New Warrior in these times? I believe it means taking a fierce and clear-eyed look at what we face as human beings on this planet. One of the things I learned as a New Warrior is that we don’t succeed alone. We stand with ‘one foot on the carpet’ to support one another.

Part of the gift I receive in this work is the realization that standing in my individual brilliance, bonded with my brothers (and sisters), we become a bridge to help others – to build institutions and change cultures for the good of our children and our children’s children.

I’m reminded of the wisdom from the Iroquois people of the northeastern part of North America, who counseled that decisions be made based on how it would affect the seven generations to come.

Let me get personal – here is where I am:

I feel fear. As I write this hundreds of thousands of men, women and children are still at risk as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

I feel sadness. More than 400,000 people were evacuated from New York city alone; more than 100 homes burned to the ground in Breezy Point, NY. In the Caribbean, more than 70 people died and over 15,000 homes were destroyed.

I want to rage, to blame, to run away.
Then I remember again, keep one foot on the carpet.

I recognize my fear as a message; pay attention! Stay awake!  I recognize my sadness as a message; this is important! Don’t miss this opportunity!  I want to turn my impulse to rage into the energy that can help accomplish what must be done – on behalf of the seventh generation.

New Warriors are fierce in protecting and nurturing what we value and love. And because we have recognized our innate human connection across the miles and across our differences, what we value and love can feel overwhelming. Right now, I feel the enormity of this bridge of connection between all my relations. I will stand to support people as they face their ordeal. And when it is my turn to step into the circle, I want you to stand for me.

Web banner to support the Red Cross

Right now. Please take action in your community by making a donation and volunteering for the Red Cross.

I invite each of us to stay awake! Let’s continue to help each other. We are a community. My heart and my thoughts are with all those in need. Together we can change the world.
Blessings on our journey together.

Mike Elser
Soaring Eagle
MKP USA Chairman

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