Hummingbird with Raven Heart

Canada • British Columbia

Pat Pattison

2019, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of connection, peace and joy through relentless compassion and speaking my truth.

Pat has lived his life in community service for over 20 years. His venues have included voluntary service in musical organizations, spiritual communities including a Labyrinth guild and as a mentor for educators. Since moving to BC’s interior he has served in outdoor education, gardening, and a local elementary school. He currently devotes two mornings a week to supporting teachers and students in Giant’s Head Elementary School. Over the past 4 years Pat has been intensely involved in Summerland’s programs for refugee settlement. He has been actively involved in MKP locally, regionally and internationally. He sees his community service as a primary definition of who he is and is especially fond of his grandfather at large identity, particularly as Mr. Pat at Giant’s Head Elementary School.

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