Grizzly Apaisé



Philippe Wanufel

2020, Ron Hering Awards

“I am on the way to a fairer and more united world thanks to my facetious clown, my available quiet strength and my generous and unifying character.”

Since his retirement, Philippe has devoted himself to two organizations driven by heart values. The first is Hôpi-Clown, which bring clown activities to pediatric hospitals. Philippe becomes “Bill” with the red nose. Armed with his magic suitcase, his balloons to be sculpted, his magic tricks, his stories and songs, he travels room to room bringing happiness to sick children and their families. 

The second is Altéo, an organization that allows differently-abled people to go on vacation in total safety. Several times a year, Philippe accompanies disabled people for a week, when bonds forged between the volunteer and his “holidaymaker” become life-long. Philippe reports that exchanges of eye contact and soul between him and those he’s supporting are comparable in intensity to those exchanged during an NWTA.

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