USA • Southern California

Preston Lopez

2019, Ron Hering Awards

“I co-create a sustainable and equitable world by organizing my community and empowering the marginalized.

Preston is an activist and organizer. He primarily devotes his energy to bringing about environmental justice through his work with the Sunrise Movement. He has also been involved in grassroots efforts to address housing and homelessness for low income communities, end “the war on drugs”, and get out the vote for midterm and presidential elections. He is also a poet and is collaborating with other queer artists of color to create events and spaces where their art can be shared and their voices heard.

Bio: Preston initiated with MKP in December of 2007. The experience changed his life and he found in MKP a safe and supportive space that he was able to turn to when coming out of the closet a few years later. Through his involvement with MKP, he has developed the personal integrity, leadership ability, and facilitation skills that support his ongoing professional and volunteer work in the world. He also met his now partner, Michael Rowley, in the project and the two are currently engaged to be married.

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