USA • Los Angeles



Randy Boring

2022, Ron Hering Awards

“I co-create a safe sacred world by being vulnerable and authentic.”

Randy spent the last 30 years on a mission of personal development and enlightenment. He holds certifications in hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, coaching, and mentoring. He is a certified presenter and motivational speaker, with a flair for improvisation. Randy has been a corporate trainer for 25 years, and his true love is personal development.

Randy’s mission of service has been to provide safe sacred space for men and women to experience their vulnerability and brilliance. This mission has brought Randy to work with groups like H.E.R Weekend (Healing Empowerment and Release), Boys 2 Men mentoring program, and most recently, the Condor Clan where Randy is a vision quest guide. Through all his years and all his teachings, his real love is personal development, building communities, building connections, and helping to empower others to empower themselves. Randy enjoys facilitating others and his passion is to train others to facilitate themselves.


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