Tiger Man

Richard ‘Breezy’ Brzeski

2015, Ron Hering Awards

“As a man among men I create a healing and compassionate world for Veterans and all others through my thoughts, behavior and actions.”

Richard “Breezy” Brzeski was discharged from the Army upon his arrival home from Vietnam in January of 1971. He joined Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and helped build the DRY HOOTCH. He is a life member of Vietnam Veterans of America. Breezy joined the Vets Journey Home program in 2007, and immediately realized that the healing he received was something he wanted to share with other veterans. Over 100 men and women have attended the weekends he has staffed, and the transformation of the participants has been miraculous. Working with veterans is his passion, and in addition to staffing, he has worked on community awareness of veteran’s issues, including PTSD and homelessness.

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