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Richard Torres

2021, Ron Hering Awards

I co-create a world of love, compassion and justice by being open, honest and fair.

Richard Torres spent years in the culinary field, serving others as a caterer and chef. During his tenure as head of the Houston community, he began a course of study to become a mid-school/high school teacher. He completed his studies and was awarded a teaching certificate. For several years, Richard has been involved on many levels with Land Of My Grandfathers (LOMG), a non-profit organization serving groups of men and women in their pursuit of spiritual and personal growth. Richard has done extensive service work at LOMG for the past 10 years, such as: served as board chairman for 3 years, coordinated all maintenance, repairs, and landscaping (even buying a tractor using his own money), raised funds for special projects and events. In 2021, he led the $190,000 improvement project and took over (and learned from the ground up) the role of LOMG treasurer after the passing of Jerry England. He also provided community service work at the Houston Convention Center for several days in the aftermath of the devastating Hurricane Harvey flooding in Houston (August 2017). Richard is currently a certified Co-leader in MKP International and up until the end of 2021, served as MKP USA Operations Circle Lead.


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