USA • Northwest Area

Rory Bowman

2019, Ron Hering Awards

“I increase abundance by attentive learning and sharing.

Rory Bowman has aimed to live a life of service, more so since MKP initiation in 2001. An active member of various non-profit boards over many years, he is also a long-time volunteer on issues of civil rights, in Washington state prisons, as a community mediator and in support of urban trees. As an ACLU volunteer Rory was instrumental in helping to achieve marriage equality in Washington state as well as legalizing marijuana.

He promotes various end-of-life planning and death positivity events, such as Death Cafe, and recently helped shepherd his father through hospice. He is grateful for his partner of almost twenty years and mother, both of whom support his wider work. Rory’s next and most recent project is to help establish an Australian-style “men’s shed” community center.

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