Brave Bear with Big Rooster 

USA • South East

Rusty Mills

2018, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of physical, emotional and spiritual healing by healing myself, helping others to heal and teaching others to spread healing.”

Rusty  is a Nurse Anesthetist. His career is to alleviate physical pain. He helps patients deal with fear of surgery and of whatever their diagnosis is. He has used his work connections to connect uninsured friends with physicians who are willing to provide pro bono care. He also volunteers as medic for  non-MKP events. The emotional part of his Life Mission involves his work in Suicide Prevention. This has included taking men to the emergency room for evaluation, meeting men where ever they are in distress, speaking with them on the phone and sharing his story. Rusty has also lead 3 funding drives for Atlanta Midtown Assistance and Lost and Found in the name of the Woof Pack Men’s Circle.  Rusty served in the US Air Force 1984-2000, attaining the rank of Captain. He says that he spent the first fifty years of his life with an invisible tattoo on his forehead that said “VICTIM.” Thanks to MKP, he is starting to erase that.

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