Hunting Jaguar
USA • South East

Ryan Gatlin

2016, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world of unparalleled safety and freedom. By connecting with others and modeling emotional and spiritual growth.”

Ryan Gatlin has lead his I-Group to take their synergy, love and knowledge and work with men in their local area who are in recovery or released from incarceration. They bring to these men the simple beauty of a man’s heart work, of vulnerability and love and they show these men what it is like to be fully held in a safe container with no judgement and masculine support. Through this work, these men have the opportunity to see themselves as whole, valued and worthy and to be at choice to take better path for themselves. Ryan describes himself as a 45 year old recovering control freak with a hero complex. He says, “My relationship with my two daughters, my brand new grandson and my strong and beautiful woman have been the best of my life since I have found my truth in connection.”


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