Golden Eagle

USA • Upstate New York



Scott MacRae, MD

2021, Ron Hering Awards

“I embrace my healing and feelings, giving myself and others with love.”

I am a physician and surgeon who lost my father at an early age.  This launched me into a life of self discovery culminating with my New Warrior Training almost 30 years ago in San Diego.  That weekend changed my view of life and men.  I returned to Portland, Oregon and eventually myself and 4 other men came together to help start New Warrior Northwest serving at that time men from San Francisco to Vancouver, BC.  In 2,000, I moved to Rochester and was quickly taken into the Bull by the Horn Men’s I Group who embraced me into their brotherhood.  I’ve used my training to teach other young medical professionals.  As a passionate bicyclist and health nut, I’ve dedicated my time to making our streets safer for bicyclists and pedestrians and served as the President of the Rochester Cycling Alliance working with the mayor and county exec.  For every effort I’ve put into our community, I’ve been repaid tenfold by the generosity and wisdom of The Mankind Project and the people of Rochester.


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