Steadfast Bear
UK & Ireland

Steve Baker

2017, Ron Hering Awards

“By living in a state of gratitude and acknowledging all that my life adventure has given me, I offer support to others to find their own truth and wisdom and walk their own path.”

Over the past 20 years, Steve has to help transform Unstone Grange from a derelict property to a habitable one with beautiful gardens. Steve is the current chair of the board at Unstone and has helped to develop the Unstone Grange mission as ‘Unity in Diversity.’ Unstone is a place for self-development groups, including MKP for one NWTA and Women in Power for their equivalent of the NWTA. Regularly offers Lodges at his home in Sheffield, to offer support to men and women as they plot their course in life.  He has taken the Lodge to other places as well, notably Buddhafield Festival. He has been supporting Journeyman for the last 5 years – taking the Lodge down to Wales and Stroud where teen boys are taken through a RoPA (rite of passage).

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