Geoff Potts , Kevin Danaher, Peter Weiler, Michael Barickman and Chaz Harrington
USA Florida




2021, Ron Hering Awards

These five MKP brothers live their mission and have truly demonstrated how “we can be the change we want to see in the world.”

The five men of the SunKings I-Group for creating a safe space for non-MKP involved men to meet online during the time of Covid isolation. The group came together as the Pandemic took hold in March 2020. Using social media tools such as Facebook and Meetup, the Kings have touched the lives of over 90 non-MKP men. Many leave the monthly sessions with a SMART Goal “stretch” to move forward in life. Some men have become permanent members of SunKings, others have gone on to take MKP online trainings and join the National Men’s Circle. The Florida MPK men that facilitate these weekly groups are: Geoff Potts [Lumbering Bear], Kevin Danaher [Loving Lion], Peter Weiler [Sleeping Badger], Michael Barickman [Leopard OATSS] and Chaz Harrington [Red Monarch].

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