Community Coordinator Darrell Becker

Community Coordinator Emeritus Robert Golden

5 I-Groups

146 NWTA Grads

15 New Grads in 2018

9 MKP USA supporting members

Sustaining Community • East Hawaii, HI • MKP Hawaii Area

Bill Kauth Award - 2018

MKP East Hawaii shows up in a time of need. 

In 2018 the East Hawaii Community was faced with LAVA. burning houses … toxic gases … evacuation. The brotherhood showed up by providing housing, taking in pets, assisting with transportation and so much more. 

East Hawaii is a place of community involvement: Marching in parades, cleaning up a highway, mentoring boys in school, doing men’s work in a correctional facility, supporting joint MKP/Woman Within  activities, community gatherings and fun events are just some of the ways MKP East Hawaii is role modeling how a Men’s Community can show up in the world. 

We are a brotherhood committed to nurturing each other, our families, communities, and our planet. 

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