Courageous Crow

USA • Heartland


Terry Rouse

2020, Ron Hering Awards

“I create a world which is beautiful, loving, and nurturing by accessing my power and pursuing my passion.”

Terry is pouring his heart and intention into a creation of great healing, compassion and practical assistance: The Eliza B. Conley House of Resilience in Wyandotte County, KS. The project is committed to watershed discipleship, restorative justice, and other anti-racist reparations in the form of affordable housing for their BIPOC (Black, indigenous, and other persons of color) neighbors and other local activists organizing for justice-based peace.

In these deeply contentious times, the vision for the House is to care for its residents, their neighbors, and the land in a small, sustainable community that transforms oppressive domination into mutual liberation. They work to realize that vision through their mission to grow a healthy home by sharing labor and power, knowing their histories, partnering with Creation, and practicing hospitality, response-ability, and place-based peacemaking.


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